Our Story


Wedding Party

  • Blaire & Whit Morriss

    Blaire and Whit are our dear friends and the parents of our godson Field (the little lobster in that pot). They made us “parents” before we even knew we loved one another -- it’s safe to say that they’ve played a pivotal roll in this story. They are our family, and lucky for us (with a little help from The Universal Life Church) they have agreed to share their insight, soul and wit as our masters of ceremony on this momentous occasion. We couldn’t dream of a greater gift.

  • Field Morriss

    Field is our godson and is truly one of our most favorite people. From the moment he came into this world, he has brightened our lives with his sweet demeanor and uncannily sharp little mind. If you talk to Field about dinosaurs, prepare to stand corrected. We love being his “Aunt Rinzy and Unkie Steve”, and treasure every second that we share with our awesome godson, even when those seconds start in our bedroom at 7am in Nashville and we’re still on West Coast time.

  • Hugo De Saint-Aignan

    Hugo is Steve’s nephew, and another of our favorite little guys. He gives the best hugs ever. We could all take a lesson from Hugo’s book when it comes to expressing our gratitude. Last christmas, every gift he received was met with sheer delight as he genuinely and enthusiastically exclaimed: “A wallet/snow-globe/this thing!?? I have ALWAYS WANTED a wallet/snow-globe/this thing!!!” We feel the same about Hugo.

  • Isa & Alix De Saint-Aignan

    We think that Isa and Alix, Steve’s nieces, will be the prettiest girls at the wedding. They never cease to amaze us with their maturity, intelligence and grace. Not to mention their penchants for fashion! We spend long hours reading, crafting, and game playing with them on trips east, and are so grateful that they will brighten our special day.

  • Lucien Keach

    Lucien is the best sister of all time. I’m sorry to tell you this if you also have a sister, but mine wins. She can swaddle 16 screaming babies with one hand tied behind her back and not even break a sweat. She has two ridiculous canines with daring sartorial tastes. Her wit is so sharp, it might just cut you. Or possibly leave you damp and flailing in a puddle of your own laughter. She has a clip-board for every occasion, and I love her.

  • Steven Kokinos

    Steve and I played in a NIN cover band together at Andover (he claims we played originals too) and we spent alot of time driving around in his Bronco. Later in college - he was at McGill, I was at Penn - we started a company together - WebYes! - which was eventually acquired in 1999. Ah, the dotcom boom, those were the days.

  • Keach Hagey Harris

    Yes, her first name is the same as my last name. It is confusing for everyone, and was particularly so in college, where we both lived together and shared a radio show. We are first cousins (our mothers are sisters), and her parents just really liked my dad’s last name. That’s the whole story. Keach has been my friend/cooler “older sister” since birth. We have a habit of hatching elaborate plots for world domination if left alone together for long enough. Keach is a journalist, a musician, and one of the most amazing women I have ever meet.

  • Joseph Fowler

    Joe and I went to Andover together, then we went to Penn together, and we even worked together for a while at Breakaway (the company that acquired WebYes!). Joe is the most genuinely social person that I know - when I first moved to SF in 2003, I could count on Joe organizing stuff to do every Friday and Saturday night. Also, Joe once pushed me into a bush, but I deserved it.

  • Betsy De Saint-Aignan

    Betsy is Steve’s sister, and she is superwoman! This lady is an amazing mother to three gorgeous children, has an incredibly impressive career, will cook you under the table while speaking to you in fluent french, and manages to seem totally relaxed about everything all the time. I am thrilled that she will be my sister-in-law.

  • David Ginsburg

    Dave and I met in our first few days at Penn and spent endless days and nights debating what it is like to be a bat and whether you would have continuity of consciousness if you went through a teleporter. Dave was also around for the fall 1997 semester (after most of our friends had graduated) and was there on Halloween to see Icarus, my black cat, fall off my window ledge onto our building stoop (luckily I lived on the 2nd floor).

  • Michele Zontine

    Michele is my sista’ from another mista’. We met at a retreat in 2003, loved each other instantly, and have never let go since. She is a world traveler, has a knockout sense for design and fashion, and is never afraid to ‘go there’ with you when you need it. This woman could charm a stump if she sat near it long enough, and if you’re not a stump, I’m sure you’ll be charmed even faster.

  • Tushar Agrawal

    Tushaar and I met when he removed and hid the door to my freshman year dorm room at Andover. (he lived down the hall). Tushaar had the most unique room configurations of anyone I knew at Andover - including at one point a dedicated ‘pillow room’, and another room where his official sleeping spot was the couch and he basically lived inside of a sleeping bag on said couch.

  • Julie Chang Olcott

    I met Julie when our friend Brad fell head over heals for her, and I quickly followed suit. It is rare to meet such a warm, generous and thoughtful woman, and I knew pretty much immediately that Julie would become one of my dearest friends. She is a phenomenally talented artist, an amazing mom and a hostess with the mostest. Julie has impeccable taste in everything, and will dance till dawn if you let her.

  • Nate Mordo

    Nate went to Penn and we met the second night after freshman move-in when he and his roommate - both of whom were inexplicably shirtless - wandered into Joe’s room. Much later, after I moved to SF in 2003, we managed to play golf more than 4x per week for almost 6 months. Ah, the dotcom bust, those were the days.

  • Whitney Rice Childs

    Whitney was my high-school roommate and best friend, and is still one of my best girls. She let me stay in her apartment in New York two weekends a month for AN ENTIRE YEAR when I was going to school there while living in SF. That is love, people. We both grew up going to the Bahamas, and would rather be there any day of the week and twice on Saturday. Preferably together, with a rum punch in hand. She is a magical PR queen and a totally hot mom.


  • Transportation
    The closest airport to the festivities is in Evansville, IN (EVV). This airport is approximately a 20 minute drive to the hotels. In our experience, flying into evansville is the most convenient, but also the most expensive option with the least flexibility in flight times.

    Other options:
    There are more frequent (and often less expensive) flights into Nashville, TN (BNA), which is an easy 2.5-hour drive to Evansville. Louisville, KY (SDF) is yet another option – it is also about a 2-hour drive – just keep in mind the time change from Eastern to Central.

    Driving & Weekend Transportation:
    We will have buses to take you from the Marigot/Aztar hotels to the rehearsal dinner and wedding. You will be responsible for making your own way to brunch and swimming on Saturday morning before the wedding.

    The hotels provide free transportation from Evansville Airport; however, you must call IN ADVANCE to schedule this service with the valet and provide your flight information.


    We've reserved blocks of rooms at two hotels in Evansville, Indiana, which is just across the Ohio River from Henderson, KY. The hotels are adjacent to Evansville’s riverboat casino, which is either the best thing ever or sort-of annoying, depending on your perspective on such things. We will have buses from these hotels to the rehearsal dinner and wedding and back.

    We recommend staying at Le Merigot ("Evansville's first boutique hotel"). They only have 90 rooms, so you should book a room as soon as possible if you think there's any chance that you'll attend the wedding. You can cancel your room up to your date of arrival at 6pm without any penalty.

    The rates at both hotels decrease as more people book, but the most you would pay is $159/night (breakfast included) at the Marigot, or The other hotel (The Casino Aztar Hotel ) is fine as well, but Le Merigot is definitely the nicer experience of the two. Mention "Keach/Bronstein" wedding when you call.

    Le Merigot Hotel Reservations: 1-888-633-1770: ($149-$169, breakfast included)

    Casino Aztar Hotel Reservations: 1-800-544-0120 ($110-$130, no breakfast)

  • Local Flavor
    Here is a quick breakdown of the dining options available within a mile of the hotels. Please note that with a few exceptions, the evansville/henderson area is not a gourmet mecca.

    • For amazing fried chicken, biscuits and chess pie, the Bon Ton Mini Mart at 2036 Madison St. in Henderson is not to be missed.
    • For something quick and tasty, GD Ritzy's (also downtown on First Ave) is a local hamburger chain with great ice-cream, very distinct old-school thin burgers, and tasty shoestring fries. It's sort of like an old fashioned soda shop.
    • Our favorite BBQ is Thomason's at 701 Atkinson St. in Henderson – try the mutton & bbq beans! The ribs at Wolf’s in Evansville are also fantastic.
    • Jaya's at 119 S.E. Fourth St. is Lindsay's favorite place to fulfill bi-bim-bop cravings while in town.
    • If German is what you're after, The Gerst Haus on the west side of Evansville is an institution.
    • Dave's Pizza on 614 N Green Street and Rick's Una Pizza on 338 S. Green Street both serve the cracker-thin crust pizza that Lindsay's dad swears by – Turoni's in Evansville has a similar pie.
    • Penny Lane at 600 SE 2nd Street has smoothies, fair trade coffee, and coffee shop snacks, and was Lindsay's go-to spot to study organic chemistry.

    Late Night Watering Holes
    The Peephole is where Lindsay used to toss back her bourbons on the rocks – a cute-ish dive bar on Main Street walking distance from the hotel. Lamasco's on the west side across from Gerst House has live music. Bokeh Lounge, downtown, is a new one to us, but we've heard it's cute and that there is sometimes a food truck parked out front.

    If you're in from out of town and staying at one of the recommended hotels, it probably hasn't escaped your notice that you will also be directly across the street from the riverboat casino. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so if you feel like partying till the cows come home, this is probably your best bet. Blush, in the Merigot, and Ri Ra the "irish pub" chain across the street, are also open until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

    Forget Something?
    We're pretty sure you'll be able to find anything that you need in town. For clothing, makeup, and the like, your best bet is Eastland Mall in Evansville which has everything from Macy's to Sephora. Pretty much any big box store you need we have in spades. Just google it.

    Taxi Service
    Don't expect to be able to flag a cab anywhere in Evansville or Henderson! If you need one for some reason, you can call Unity Taxi of Evansville at (812) 421-9999 or River City Yellow Cab at (812) 429-0000.

  • A great walking map of downtown Evansville.

    For the Kids & Young at Heart:
    Burdette Park is an "aquatic center" with 2 water slides and a large kid pool. Pretty good for passing time on a hot day. cMoe, the new children's museum, is walking distance from the hotel and is worth checking out. There is also a great playground in Sunrise Park, which is walking distance down the riverfront from the hotel. last but not least, Evasnville has a zoo and botanical garden with a brand new "Amazonia" exhibit kept at a cool 76 degrees all year round.

    Stretch Your Legs:
    If you want a little walk or run, you can head straight out the hotel down the riverfront along the 1.5 mile Greenway Passage. A short walk from the hotel down the riverfront you'll find public tennis courts overlooking the river. Our favorite local hiking spot is Audubon Park, which is just over the Ohio River in Henderson. The park also houses the Audubon Museum, where life-size folios are on exhibit as are details of the accomplished study done by Audubon throughout his life. The park also has a 9-hole golf course. We'd recommend Eagle Valley if you're a hardcore golfer looking for a challenge (the course rating is 71.7 with a slope of 129).

    Getting Cultural:
    The Evansville Art & History Museum, is walking distance from the hotels down the historic riverfront. You'll see the pagoda, home of the Evansville Visitor's Center, on your way. The historic Reitz Home is also right downtown and is noted as one of the country's finest examples of Second Empire architecture – tours available daily.

    For a different kind of "culture", if you arrive on Thursday or early on Friday you can check out a horse race at Ellis Park – only about 5 minutes drive from the hotels.


  • Bbq & Bluegrass Rehearsal Dinner

    We would love for all of our out of town guests to join us for a casual rehearsal dinner at Keach Farms on Friday evening. This is the “working” part of the farm, where Lindsay’s Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Scott now live, and where Lindsay lived when she was small.

    Get ready for ribs, ice-cream, Lowry’s famous bourbon brownies (oh yes we did!), beer, wine, and bluegrass tunes from the Mountain Harmony Band.

    It will be hot, so wear comfortable, farm-appropriate attire. Anything from shorts to sundresses suits us fine. We’ll have a photo booth, so be prepared to ham it up! This is the night for toasts: you are invited to share a story about Steve & Lindsay, poignant or embarrassing, should the mood strike you.

  • Wedding Morning Brunch & Swimming

    Out of town guests and family are invited to join us for brunch, swimming & tether ball on Saturday morning at Blackberry Hollow, Lindsay’s maternal grandmother’s home.

    There will be swimming in the lake and a spread of homemade brunch options: bacon, cheese grits, blueberry muffins, Manu's biscuits, salad and fruit. Bring or wear your swimsuits – we’ll provide beach towels.

    A BIG thank-you to the Diane Igleheart (“Manu”), Jingle and Chandler Hagey, Wendy and Ron Walker, Tricia and Brid Igleheart and Mark and Kimey Reed for hosting this brunch!

  • The Main Event

    We’re tying the knot at The Elms. This is the “main house” of Keach Farms where Lindsay’s father and grandfather grew up. Her parents are currently in the midst of a lovely renovation of the 1852 farm house, and (we hope!) will be moved in before the wedding. Fun fact: the Keach's still smoke Kentucky hams in the brick smokehouse on the property. Bonus points if you spot the family peacocks.

    We’ll have a short ceremony overlooking the lake officiated by our dear friends Blaire and Whit Morriss, followed by cocktails in the barnyard and dinner and dancing in the front pasture.

    Being August in Kentucky, it will be...warm. Please dress comfortably in summer cocktail attire. Spike heals will be awkward crossing the cow gates, ladies. Guys, jackets are appropriate but not requisite.

  • The Morning After

    Breakfast is included for all guests staying at Le Marigot. Anyone not staying at Le Marigot who would like to join us for a casual good-bye breakfast is invited to give our name to the host – it’s on us!

    Lindsay & Steve will be there from 9:30-11:30am to say their farewells.


Dear Friends and Family,

Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift we could ask for.

However, if you’d like to help us fancy up our apartment in San Francisco or make our honeymoon a little more special, here are some ideas.

So much love, Lindsay & Steve